Single Malts

Using modern and heritage grains of the estate, maturing in bourbon- and sherrycasks


A unique whisky, made from beechwood-smoked malt. Matured on both sherry and bourbon casks, these single malts brings a truly unique taste that we have come to love.


Dedicated to our favorite stout "Limfjordsporter". We use caramel malts in the grainbill, maturate in both ex-bourbon and ex-port casks and finished in casks previously used to mature this stout.


Made from heritaghe grains, revived after more than a century in the Nordic Gene Bank. Bringing us a glimpse from the past. Like ‘Kornmod’, the distant lightning on the danish summer horizon


Our sherry cask matured whisky, based on our own rich flavoured pale malt. The old sherry-wood brings a deep, vinous and sweet note to the pleasant malty distillate

Distillery Editions

We never stop being curious about whiskymaking. Some new mashbill, some odd cask... Some of our experiments has become special releases or distillery editions. All of them in very limited numbers and only sold at the distillery.


Experimenting with the large variety of grains we grow at our estate, sometimes result in new cask matured spirits and whiskies


In search for perfect recipes for our whiskies we sometimes stumble across a distillate, that we think should be enjoyed, just like it is - straight from the still!

"The Nordic white spirit"

Destillat 1

This Nordic white spirit is distilled from homegrown and malted barley, with the full terroir of our estate, just like our whiskies.

Developed in cooperation with some of the best Danish cocktail bars, this no category spirit has a pleasant grainy, fruity flavour with a slight scent of liqurice root and newly-cut clover grass. It is a perfect white spirit for sour/sweet cocktails with fx rhubard, apples or gooseberries, or in milk/cream based cocktails. Don't bother putting vodka in your White Russian again!


Join our other private caskowners and be a whiskymaker yourself!

Shared casks

Two or three times a year we handpick casks and make them availible to our cask shareholders programme. You will get to fill your own cask and follow the full maturation process as the new spirit matures into your final whisky over 3-5 years. When it is done, we bottle the whisky for you at cask strength.
Each share also grants you access to an annual special cask-owners events, where we take you one step further into the craft of whiskymaking, taste a few samples from the warehouse and discuss the development of your whisky.
See available shares here

Private casks

Get your own private cask at Thy Whisky. You choose the cask, the grain mashbill for the distillate and the age, and join every stage of the maturation process. Sample, taste og follow your very own spirit as it matures into an organic single malt.

In the end you decide whether we bottle your whisky at cask strength or at a lower ABV. This will truly be your own whisky!

Private casks are available on request. Please contact us for more info at