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Our whisky is bottled in limited quantities only. If you can't find what you're looking for, we encourage you to find the retailer nearest you here.

Become a cask owner at Thy Whisky
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22. juni 2024
Thy Whisky Festival
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Private casks

Buy your own whisky cask or cask share

As a cask owner, you can create your very own organic Danish single malt. Join us as we fill the cask, follow its maturation, and enjoy the result with your very own bottles of Thy Whisky. 


For family, friends and fans

Here you will find a small selection the other products available in our shop at the distillery.


Give an experience to someone you love

Looking for a special whisky experience? Throughout the year, we host online tastings, cask owners events, open distillery days and other events both here at the distillery and around the world. Here's our current calendar.