Thy Whisky No 19 - PX
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Organic single cask, cask strength

It was a day to remember, five years ago, as our first 500 litre PX sherry butt was filled with cara.malt new make. Here it is. One single cask. Bottled at cask strength in its full intensity.

Key facts
TYPE: Single malt
GRAIN: Evergreen and Propino barley
MALT: Pale and Caramel malt
CASK: 1st fill PX Butt
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: February 2019
BOTTLED: May 2022
AGE: 5 years
ALCOHOL: 59.1% Vol
VOLUME: 50 cl
Certified organic

This whisky is made from 100% certified organic grains grown on our estate, Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure pure drinking water and good animal welfare.

70%: Evergreen, harvested in 2016
30%: Propino, harvested in 2013
Malt and smoke
70%: Pale malt
30%: Caramel malt
Water and fermentation
WATER: Groundwater from Gyrup Estate
YEAST: Safspirit
Fermentation time: 7-18 days
63: 500 litre PX sherry butt, filled 28 September 2016
Distillation unit: 500 litre Müller
New make lot no.: Thy Whisky.øko.140916
696 Bottles
Bottling date:
Type: Limited Edition
Markets: Denmark, Germany
Release date:

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