Tasteset - Reserved for international taste panel

Tasteset - Reserved for international taste panel

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How does a 'Thy' taste - if you can only choose one bottle?

The tasting panel gave us that challenge when we assembled them in the spring. We took up the challenge and have made four different bids.

Now we need your help. The tasting set here has the four different offerings, in samples of 3 cl. All are based on our Beech and Pale distillates and in mixtures of bourbon barrels, oloroso sherry casks and PX sherry casks aged 3-8 years.

Along with the tasting set, you will receive a link to an introduction and evaluation form where you can give your feedback.

INDHOLD: 4 Samples af 3 cl
Alkohol 47% vol
SMAGEPANEL: Online on demand

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