Hamburg 2022: Bourbon Cask

Hamburg 2022: Bourbon Cask

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Become a co-owner of a Thy Whisky cask and create your own organic Danish single malt. Join us when we fill the cask, follow its maturation, and enjoy the result with your very own bottles of Thy Whisky when we tap the cask after five years of ageing.

You can now buy a share of a 120 litre bourbon quarter cask, especially for our followers in and around Hamburg, Germany.

Per share: 6 litres per share
Expected age: 5 years
Filling date: 4 September 2022
Expected bottling: Late 2027
Grain: Odyssey barley
Malt: Beechwood-smoked malt
Cask: Bourbon cask
Size: 120 litres
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Beechwood-smoked malt
Beechwood is our signature smoke inspired by the Danish smoking tradition. It adds gentle and pleasant smoky intensity and sweetness with fewer medicinal notes than you normally experience with traditional peat. A perfect match for the malty character of our 'Thy' new make.
Venue: Hotel Atlantic

Hotel Atlantic is located in the middle of beautiful Hamburg. We'll meet here for the first time on 19 November 2022 to taste our whisky and new make.

Her er alle detaljerne om denne fadandel

Venue: Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg
Filling: 19 November 2022
1st year: November 2023
2nd year: November 2024
3rd year: November 2025
4th year: November 2026
5th year: November 2027
100%: Odyssey barley harvested in 2021
Malt and smoke
100%: Beechwood-smoked malt
Smoke intensity: Medium
Distillation unit: Müller 1,000 litres at Thy Whisky
Method: Single run distillation
Water and fermentation
Water: Groundwater from Gyrup
Yeast: M1 Distillers Yeast
Fermentation time: Min. 100 hours
Type: Bourbon
FILL: 1st
Volume: 120 litres
6 litres per share

When the cask is ready, it is bottled. You will then receive your share of the bottles. You can either collect the bottles yourself or we can send them to you.

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