German cask shares

Berlin - Monchen Gladbach - Dortmund - Hamburg

Visiting from GERMANY?

Many of the visitors to our distillery are from Germany. Our distillery is only 300 km or a 3,5 hour drive from the Danish-German border with scenic resorts on the North Sea right on our doorstep.


Our German casks are a unique offering for our German neighbours. With a German cask share you can be a co-owner of an organic cask of Thy Whisky, which is stored here in our warehouse.

Annual cask samples

Once a year, we bring a fresh sample from your cask to selected German cities, where we taste a sample of your cask and evaluate the cask maturation together with you. When the whisky is ready, we deliver the finished bottles to you in Germany.

Cask owners events

Each share gives free access for two people to our annual cask owners events in selected German cities.

We'll taste a sample from your cask alongside a selection of our other whiskies and cask samples from warehouse.

You'll meet other cask owners, we'll taste the maturation of the casks and we'll enjoy a few samples from our warehouse and our latest whiskies. We always look forward to our cask owners events.

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you are of course always welcome to visit our distillery and check in on your cask in our warehouse.

NEW MAKE: E.g. 6 litres organic new make at 59.5-63.5% vol.
CERTIFICATE: Issued for each share after the cask is filled.
CASK TESTS: Annual cask samples during the ageing process, so you can follow its maturation.
CASK OWNERS EVENTS: Free admission for 2 people to the annual cask owners events.
STORAGE: E.g. for 5 years (depending on the cask).
BOTTLING: We bottle the finished whisky at cask strength.
DELIVERY: Free delivery of the finished whisky to your address in Germany.
OTHER: Insurance, taxes and VAT in Germany are included. No additional costs.
The finished bottles

Each cask ends up as a unique single cask bottling of Thy Whisky - always bottled at cask strength.

The fully matured whisky is bottled in Thy Whisky bottles with a unique label for each cask. The label features all the information about the whisky's origin. Where the grain for the whisky was grown, which malt was used, which cask was used and when it was filled, bottled etc. So you always have the documentation for your very own Thy Whisky at hand.

We take care of export and the payment of excise duties and VAT in Germany. You may choose to pick up the finished bottles at the annual cask owners event or have them shipped carriage paid to your address in Germany.