Fill your own whisky cask

When you buy your very own Thy Whisky cask, you can choose the casks type, malt type and grain variety to be used in the new make, as well as the expected age.

You can follow the cask closely throughout the ageing process, and ultimately it's you who decides when the whisky is ready and whether we should bottle it at cask strength or at a lower alcohol volume. In other words, you get to make it your own personal whisky.

Private casks are not a standard solution.

Call or write to Jakob if you're interested

Jakob Stjernholm
+45 2387 5533

We'll find a cask that suits you!


When you own a private cask, you can plan your own visits throughout the ageing process for yourself and your friends. We'll make sure to take a sample of the cask you can to taste together.

You may want to plan your annual visit around our 'open' distillery or other events where you can meet other cask owners and whisky lovers and take part in various activities at the distillery.

It is also possible to combine your visit with a tour and tasting for a fee.p


- Choice of cask filled with new make at e.g. 63.5% vol.
- Certificate for your cask.
- Cask samples throughout the ageing process, so you can follow its maturation.
- Optional maturation time.
- Bottling of the finished whisky at optional strength.
- Collection or free delivery of the finished bottles in Denmark or Germany.
- Insurance, export, taxes and VAT in Denmark or Germany are included.

There are no additional costs once you have purchased your private cask, with the exception of postage for sending cask samples and the cost of a new cask if you wish to refill your whisky.

Delivery in other countries can be arranged.


You decide how long the cask will be stored in our warehouse. There is no extra cost to you for a shorter or longer storage period.

Your cask ends up as a unique single cask bottling of Thy Whisky. When you decide it is time to bottle your whisky, we will arrange a tasting session where we will lay out a bottling plan and decide what strength your whisky should be bottled at. You will also have the opportunity share any wishes you might have regarding the bottle's label.

New Make Sample Sæt

Inspiration til dit eget private fad. Sættet indeholder fire samples af vores newmake med beskrivelser og anbefalede fadkombinationer.

Pale New make, 63,5 % vol.
Heritage barley New make - Imperial, 63,5 % vol.
Bøg New make, 63,5 % vol.
Vildmose Peat New make, 63,5 % vol.