The basic idea behind Thy Whisky has always been to make a whisky that tastes of the place where it is made: of the grain, the craftsmanship and the quality of the casks used in its making.


We don't just distil according to one recipe.
Each cask and whisky is the result of a selected combination of grains, malt types, fermentation, distillation process and cask ageing.

The grain is always our guide.
You will find the unique and recognisable taste of Thy in each and every bottle.

We bottle our whisky as limited releases only.
We do not aim for conformity, but let the whiskey reflect the unique qualities in each cask.

Each bottle is numbered and fully traceable.
You will find complete information about the origin of the whisky on each individual bottle.l

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Limited Editions

A bottling of several casks with typically 1,000-2,000 bottles, which we create by selecting single vintages or cask combinations that complement each other particularly well. All our Limited Edition single malt whiskies are given a unique number, e.g. 'Thy Whisky no 18 - Kornmod'.

Our Limited Editions can be purchased directly from us or through our retailers.


A bottling of typically one or two casks at cask strength in very limited numbers. Among our Distillery Editions you will find specially selected casks and experiments that deserve to be bottled just as they are.

Our Distillery Editions can only be purchased at the distillery or via online at special events.


A single cask bottling of private casks, created in collaboration with our private cask owners. The bottles are bottled exclusively for the owners of each cask.

Thy Whisky No 17 - Stovt
Thy Whisky No 17 - Stovt

Thy Whisky No 17 - Stovt

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‘Stovt’ is a lightly smoked single malt vatted from a mix of our smoked and non-smoked single malts from bourbon and sherry casks. This blend is given a unique 'Thy' finish in casks that have previously held our favorite stout ‘Limfjordsporter’ from our good friends at Thisted Brewery.