Distillery Edition – Cask 225
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Organic – Single malt whisky

Aged in Bourbon and PX casks, this whisky brings juicy vanilla-fruit dessert flavours like burnt figs and plum marmalade with a fresh hint of acidity warm vanilla tickling on your tongue.

Key facts
TYPE: Distillery Edition Single Malt
GRAIN: Odyssey, Evergreen
MALT: Pale malt, Vienna malt, Münich malt
CASK: Bourbon, Oloroso
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: May-July 2017
AGE: 5 years
ALCOHOL: 58.5% Vol
VOLUME: 50 cl
Certified organic

This whisky is made from 100% certified organic grains grown on our estate, Gyrup. Both the farm and the distillery are certified organic to ensure pure drinking water and good animal welfare.

97,5 %: Odyssey barley, harvested in 2016
2,5 %: Evergreen barley, harvested in 2015
GROWN BY: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
Malt and smoke
59,5 %: Pale malt
38 %: Vienna malt
2,5 %: Münich malt
Smoke intensity: None
Water and fermentation
WATER: Groundwater from Gyrup Estate
YEAST: M1 Distiller's Yeast
Fermentation time: 7-18 days
CASK 225: 1st fill 200 liter bourbon, filled 21-07-2017 (prev. 50 liter PX seasoned)
Distillation unit: Müller 500 litres
DISTILLATION BATCH: 2017-Thy.whisky.øko.060317a
192 Bottles
Bottling date:
Type: Distillery Edition
Markets: Denmark
Release date:

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