Cask share - Beechwood smoke on 2nd fill PX

Cask share - Beechwood smoke on 2nd fill PX

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Become a co-owner of a Thy Whisky cask and create your own organic Danish single malt whisky. Join us as we fill the cask, follow the development, and enjoy the result with your own bottles of Thy Whisky when we bottle the cask after 6-8 years of maturation.

With this cask share, we celebrate the inauguration of our new smoker in our malthouse. This has given us a better opportunity to experiment with smoke than ever before.

Join us to fill the barrels at the barrel owners' day at Gyrup in Thy on September 3, 2023 or at the German Cask Share Tour 2023

Proportion: 6 liters per share
Alcohol: 59,5 % vol
Expected age: 6-8 years
Filling date: September 3, 2023
Expected bottling: 2029-2031
Grains: Laureate barley
Malt: Beechwood smoked malt
Cask: 2nd fill PX sherry
Barrel size: 120 liters
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Single Estate Beechwood smoke
Over the past few weeks, we've distilled some of the most intense and tasty beechwood-smoked New Make we've ever made.

The rich wood smoke flows out of the glass. Soft fruity aromas lie underneath. A super tasty balance that delivers a clear impression of the archetypal Danish Beechwood.
The beechwood smoked new make is filled into freshly emptied PX casks

Three of the casks have just been bottled as fantastic, tasty, smoky casks (casks 354, 355 and 357) after just three years. The remaining casks have been selected for our next bottling.

They are all intense and sweet PX casks with a low level of bitter tannins. With the second filling, we expect that we will have time to make a calm maturation of the whisky over 6-8 years with a balanced sweetness, where the beech smoke will still be evident in the finished bottle.

We will experiment a bit and set an open date for bottling between 6 and 8 years. We meet in years 2, 4 and 6 to take stock of the cask's development.

Her er alle detaljerne om denne fadandel

Danish Cask share event relevant for this cask:
Barrel filling: September 3, 2023
2nd year: September 7, 2025
4th year: September 5, 2027
6th year: September 2, 2029
German Cask Owners Tour 2022:
Berlin: To Be Annouched
Hamburg: Cap San Diego. Sunday, November 19th
Mönchengladbach: Kult+Genuss, November 13th
...and annually as long as the cask matures.
Grain variety: Laureate barley
Harvest: 2023
Grown in: Hassing, Thy
Malt and smoke
100 %: Book smoked malt
Smoke intensity: High
Distillation unit: Müller 1000 liters at Thy Whisky
Method: Single run distillation
Water and fermentation
Water: Groundwater from Gyrup
Yeast: M1 Distillers Yeast
Fermentation time: Min. 100 hours
Type: PX Sherry
Fill: 2nd
Volume: 120 liters
Previous filling: Cask share or Thy Whisky no 22
6 litres per share

When the cask is ready, it is bottled. You will then receive your share of the bottles. You can either collect the bottles yourself or we can send them to you.

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