Tasting set from online tasting 14 October 2022 (7 x 3 cl)

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Tasting set for the Single Cask online tasting of 13 March, 2023.

This set is to be purchased by invite only. Will be shipped in week 10

Tasting set includes:
SAMPLES: 5-6 x 3 cl organic single cask whisky
MEDIA: Google Meet
DATE: March 13, 2023, 20.00 CET
MEDIA URL: meet.google.com/jfp-uonz-nbn

At Thy Whisky Distillery we love the interactive online tastings and have done several with hundreds of live participants.

For our next official online tasting, on May 26th, we ask you to be part of it and help promoting it.

Therefore, you are hereby invited to an exclusive online tasting-session for industry-influencers only, tasting  5-6 single cask samples that we never served before.

You and 20 other participants will help choose what samples to include in the offical tasting set, and more importantly, what cask to bottle as our next Single Cask Whisky. 

We hope you will join and help us promote our next online tasting. Thanks!

Jakob and Andreas
Thy Whisky

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