Private Cask: Butt (500 litres)

Private Cask: Butt (500 litres)

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When you buy your own private cask from us, you choose the cask type, the malt and grain for the new make, and the intended age. You follow the cask closely throughout the maturation process, and it is ultimately you who decides when the whisky is ready and whether we should bottle it at cask strength or at a lower alcohol strength. In other words, it becomes your very own whisky.

Contact us if you are interested


Call or write to Jakob if you're interested.

Jakob Stjernholm
+45 2387 5533

We'll find a cask that suits you.

Possible barrel types: PX
Volume: 480 litres
Recommended age: 7-9 years
Expected output at cask strength: 773 bottles of 50 cl*
Price per litre filled: DKK 580/litre
Price per bottle at cask strength: DKK 360*
* Depending on angels' share and samples along the way.

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