Make your own Whisky

Two or three times a year we handpick casks and make them available to our Cask Share programme. As a shareholder you will get to fill your own cask and follow the full maturation process as the new spirit matures into your final whisky over 3-5 years. When the waiting is over, we bottle your whisky at cask strength.

Casks owner's annual events:

Each share also grants you access to special cask shareholders events. Around the time of year when you originally filled your cask, we invite you to take one step further into the craft of whisky making. You meet other shareholders, and we will taste samples from the warehouse and discuss the development your cask.

A share includes:

- 5 litres of organic new make, 63,5 % vol.
- Certificate of ownership
- 3 samples of the casks, to follow the progress
– Invitation to join the filling of the cask
– Storage for 3-5 years (cask dependent)
– Bottling and labeling of the finished whisky
– Access to annual cask owners events
– All insurances and taxes are included

Choose your region

Our popular cask share programme has been available in Denmark for 4 years and are now expanding it to Germany as well.
One cask for each select city (Berlin, München and Mönchengladbach).


Our Danish Cask Share Programme has been active since 2017. Twice a year we select new casks and unique distillates for a new generation of shareholder casks, who will join our shareholders events starting with the filling of their cask.

The events have evolved into social gatherings, the programme into a society of likeminded people and the whisky into true collectors items

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Germany (NEW)

We are extending our popular shared cask programme to Germany. In October 2021 we will fill three 1st fill 64-liter oloroso sherry casks with our beechwood smoked new make. These will be made available as 5 litre shares to German residents only.

Each cask is named after a German city (Berlin, München, Mönchengladbach) and special cask-owners events will be held in each of these cities. All cask shareholders will be invited to a unique tasting and introduction to Thy Whisky at our partner venue in the select city.

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Available shares in Denmark:

  • Shared cask – Lightly Smoked DKK4500
  • Available shares in Germany:

  • German Cask Share Programme: The Pioneers DKK4500