Mönchengladbach 2022: Bourbon fad

DKK 4.500

Join our succesful cask share programme of Germany. In October 2022 we will a bourbon casks exclusively for Mönchengladbach. These will be made available as shares. In Denmark, we currently have more than 1.000 cask-shareholders who annually visit our distillery i Denmark to help fill the cask, get a fresh sample, and join us for a special warehouse tasting. It’s the perfect way to create your own whisky!

The Mönchengladbach 2022 cask is a 125 liter bourbon quater cask, which will be filled with a beechwood smoked new make. Everything is included in the price. You just have to join and patiently wait for the whisky to mature and be bottled.

The Mönchengladbach casks are cohosted by our good friends at Kult+Genuss GmbH in Mönchengladbach. We will start our journey with a special tasting-event at Kult+Genuss in November 2022. Date to be announced. With a share in this cask, you have free admission to all special event at this venue as the cask matures.

You will pay the cask shares in Danish Kr. (DKK), as the cask will mature in our warehouse in Thy, Denmark. The price is 4500 DKK, corresponding to around €600

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Join our cask share programme – Germany 2022
Would you like (a share of) your own cask of Thy Whisky? Now is your chance…

By buying a cask share you will be a part of the whole process from filling the cask in November to bottling the finished whisky in five years.

This year we have handpicked both PX and Bourbon casks to be filled for Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and Mönchengladbach. Every year you will get a chance to meet us in these cities for a special tasting event exclusively for cask shareholders and friends.

Last year we filled the first two casks for Berlin and Mönchengladbach and had a great time meeting our ‘first generation’ of German shareholders for special tasting events at Beavis Bar, Berlin in September and Kult+Genuss, Mönchengladbach in November. Hopefully everyone from 2021 will join us again this year and pick up their 1-year sample.

The price of one share is 4.500 DKK (app. 600€). This includes all expenses and free admission for annual tasting events until you get the finished bottles of whisky.

Each share includes:
– 6 liters of organic beechwood smoked new make (59,5 % alc. vol.)
– Certificate of ownership
– 3 samples of the cask during maturation (1 x 5 cl per share)
– Maturation for 5 years in our warehouse
– Bottling and labeling of the finished whisky
– Admission to annual cask owner’s events in your select “cask city”

We expect that you will receive a minium of 8 x 50 cl bottles of whisky at cask strength after four years of maturation (After Angels’s Share, samples i.e.).

What to expect

Ex-Bourbon Quarter Cask (125 liters)
Bøg (Beechwood smoke), 59,5 % alc. vol.
Expected Maturation: 5 years

Beechwood is our signature smoke inspired by Danish culinary tradition. It adds a soft and pleasant campfire smokiness and rich sweetness to the new make with less sharp medicinal aromas than you get from traditional peat. The smoke fits perfectly with the malty character of our “Thy” new make.

The fresh 1st fill bourbon quarter cask adds varm vanilla, acacia honey sweetness and some oaky and spicy aromas. During maturation the whisky will expectedly develop fruity and apple like aromas.

The format for this quarter casks is narrow and long, which gives a relatively quick extract and high intensity of cask aromas compared to a standard 200 liter bourbon barrel, that would normally take more time to fully mature.