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Spelt-Rye is our grain spirit. Made from three kinds of grain: The old nordic Svedjerug, the tastefull Spelt and our good Odyssey springbarley. It´s an untraditional Rye, with a clear nordic touch and a very complex taste, appearing in both mouth and nose.

Spelt-Rye is matured on new oakbarrels of american white oak, that adds lots of honey, vanilla and oakiness that blends together with the spicy and tastefull destillat, which the rye and spelt adds.

KATEGORY: Grain Spirit
GRAIN: Maltet odyssey barley, svedjerug og spelt
CASK: Virgin American Oak
ESTATE: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: 2016-2018
BOTTLED: August 2020
AGE: min. 2 years
NO BOTTLES: 1078 bottles
50 cl.
50,0 % ABV


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