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Spelt-Rye is our Nordic take on a rye whisky, made from three traditional Danish grains: rye, barley and spelt. All grown organically on our fields in Thy and malted in our malthouse to enhance flavor and extract. The malted rye creates a rich flavoured, sweet and peppery ‘new make’ combined with light fruity, floral and earthy notes from the spelt. Spelt-Rye is matured on new oak casks made from american white oak, which adds honey sweetness, vanilla, varm spices and balanced tannins to whisky.

It is a familiar yet untraditional ‘rye’ with a clear Nordic touch and a complex aroma and flavor. The ‘nose’ of this whisky reminds us of the beautiful endless stretches of flowering heather along the Danish North Sea coastline.

KATEGORY: Rye Whisky
GRAIN: Maltet and unmalted rye, spelt and odyssey barley.
CASK: Virgin American Oak
ESTATE: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: 2016-2018
BOTTLED: December 2021
AGE: 3 years
NO BOTTLES: 820 bottles
50 cl.
47.8 % ABV

Release as part of our virtual tasting, December 29, 2021

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