Shared cask – Lightly Smoked

DKK 4.500

Become caskshare owner of a Thy Whisky cask and create your own organic danish single malt whisky. Join the cask owners events, follow the development of the spirit, from new make to finished whisky and enjoy your own bottles of Thy Whisky after five years of maturation.

You will be part of a 120 liters 1st fill bourbon quarter cask or a amontillado sherrcask, filled January 2022. The cask will be filled with a lightly beechwood smoked distillate.

You can follow the development of the whisky underway. We will fill the cask together and you will get a sample of the new make. Three times underway, we will invite you to a cask owners day here at the distillery. Here you can taste the whisky – at the same time we will take a sample for you.

We expect the casks to be ready for bottling after five years of maturation. When ready, we will bottle your whisky at cask strength, just as it was on the cask. The yield after evaporation (Angels share) varies from cask to cask. We expect the final yield to be 7-8 bottles per share of 5.3 liters.

GRAIN: Odyssey Barley
MALT: Pale and beechwood smoked malt
CASK: 1st fill bourbon or amontillado sherry, 120 liters
GROWN BY: Gyrup, Denmark
AGE: 4-5 years
5,3 liters/share
59,5 % ABV
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Let bøgerøget destillat
Destillatet er lavet af en blanding af vores pale malt og den bøgerøgede malt. Den er røget, men uden at det bliver for dominerende. Den balancerede røg giver dybde og mundfylde, men uden at det bliver en decideret røget whisky, og efterlader plads til kornfylden fra den lyse pale malt.

The alcohol strengh is lover than typically, 59.5% ABV. To compensate we will add 30 cl extra new make to each cask share. We believe that this will yield a more pleasent cask strengh whisky in the end, and a more balanced flavour from the cask.

Lightly beechwood smoked distillate
The distillate is made on a mixture of our pale- and beechwood smoked malt. The balanced smoke provides depth and mouthfullness, without becoming a truly smoky whisky.

Bourbon eller Amontillado sherry
You choose between two different casks. A 1st fill bourbon or a sherrycask of the type Amontillado.

A 120 liters bourboncask is often called a ‘Quarter cask’. Fadet originates from the distillery Heaven Hill in Kentucky USA. The american white oak creates a vanillasweet whisky, leaving the aromas of the smoke clean and unspoiled.

The other cask is a true newcomer to the warehouse. The sherrytype Amontillado is darker than Fino, lighter than Oloroso. We still expect lots of sweetness as our Oloroso along with complex nutty aromas of nuts and tobacco and a hint of oak.

With the share you will own a share of a 120 liters bourbon or amontillado sherry cask, filled with organic lightly beechwood smoked new make. The cask will mature for approximately 5 years before bottling (expected medio 2027).

Each share includes:
– 5.3 liters of organic lightly beechwood smoked new make (59,5 % ABV)
– Certificate of ownership
– Three samples of the cask (1 x 5 cl per share)
– Maturation for approx. 5 years in our warehouse
– Bottling and labeling of the finished whisky
– Admission to cask owner’s events

We expect that you will receive 8 x 50 cl bottles of whisky at cask strength after four years of maturation (after Angels’s Share, samples i.e.).

Terms and conditions for cask shares