Thy Whisky No. 12 – Kornmod

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‘Kornmod’ is made from heritage grains, revived after more than a century in the Nordic Gene Bank. Grown at the estate and matured in to a flavourfull whisky with respect to the long history of the grain and bringing us a glimpse from the past. ‘Kornmod’ is like a distant lightning on a danish summer horizon.

GRAIN: Langeland and Evergreen barley
MALT: Pale malt
CASK: Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Oloroso sherry
ESTATE: Gyrup, 56.891°N 8.428°E
DISTILLED: March 2017
BOTTLED: April 2020
AGE: 3 years
NO BOTLLES: 1486 bottles
50 cl.
52,5 % ABV



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