101 Craft and World whiskies to try before you die

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101 Craft & World Whiskies to Try Before You Die is an up-to-the-minute guide from well known whisky commentator Ian Buxton. This book takes you from Austria to Argentina and Norway to New Zealand visiting distilleries that are reinventing what whisky means – and an iconoclastic generation of boutique, craft distillers are challenging previous orthodoxies and teasing drinkers with their exciting new styles and radical releases.

We are honored to be part of this thorough guide, as one of only two danish distilleries. A huge honour.

November 16: All the books got sold out already – we will have more books on stock in a week or two, so head back. The offer on a free samples (from Facebook and newsletter) is still valid, but books will not be send until they are back on stock.

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