Whisky and spirits

Our whisky is bottled as limited editions only. We encourage you to find nearest retailer, if the release you seek is sold out.

  • Spelt-Rye DKK700
  • Thy Whisky No. 16 – Rex DKK1000
  • Thy Whisky No. 15 – Fjordboen DKK1000
  • Destillat 1 DKK350
  • Thy Whisky No. 14 – Bøg DKK1000
  • Thy Whisky No. 13 – Stovt DKK1000
  • Thy Whisky No. 12 – Kornmod DKK1000
  • Cask Shares

    Be part of our populare cask owners programme. Find your share here
    Read more about the programme.

  • Shared cask – Lightly Smoked DKK4500
  • German Cask Share Programme: The Pioneers DKK4500
  • Merchandise and books

  • 101 Craft and World whiskies to try before you die DKK149
  • Thy Whisky tasting glass (9 cl) DKK50
  • Dansk Whisky (book) DKK250
  • Giftcard for a tour and tasting DKK200
  • STOVT – T-shirt from ELSK DKK300
  • Events

    A hike, a concert or a special tasting. Every week we do tours and tastings, but also do other events. Buy tickets here.

  • Giftcard for a tour and tasting DKK200