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Join our online tasting directly from the distillery in Thy, as we serve cask samples directly from our cask stock.

We will host the tasting on May 26 at 20. The tasting will be held in English. Everyone can participate, but it is most fun with a tasting kit so you can taste along.

NOTE: The tasting kit will be shipped after April 10, 2023.

DATE: May 26, 2023 at 20-22
SAMPLES: 7 x 3 cl organic whisky and spirits
GLASS: 1 Thy Whisky Nosing glass
MALT: 3 malt samples

Can you make whisky from oats?
How do the old wheat varieties taste when distilled?

Come to a virtual tasting directly from the distillery in Thy, when we serve cask samples directly from our cask stock.

We have selected 3 finished whiskies and 4 cask samples from our warehouse. Each one provides a unique taste experience alone, but together, they help answer the question of what raw material means to the character of a distillery like ours.

/Jakob and Andreas
Thy Whisky

Tasting programme

Thy Whisky no 21 – Spelt-rye
Rye whisky | 4 years | 52,0 % vol
Rye malt, spelt malt, barley malt
New oak & bourbon cask

Heritage wheats, oats and rye
Mixed grain whisky
Heritage Wheats (Spelt malt, emmer and ølandshvede), oat malt, rye malt, barley malt
New oak cask

Oats on apple casks
Oat-rye whisky
Oat malt, rye malt, barley malt
Apple Eiswein cask


Beechwood smoke on bourbon casks
Single malt
Beechwood smoked malt
Bourbon cask

Beechwood smoke on PX casks
Single malt
Beechwood smoked malt
Bourbon, PX sherry cask


Thy Whisky no 20 – Maltmod
Single malt | 3 years | 53,4 % vol
Kara malt, beechwood smoked malt,
pale malt
Bourbon, oloroso cask

Distillery Edition – Cask 292
Single cask, single malt | 3 years | Cask strength
Kara malt, pale malt
PX cask

Frequently asked questions

The entire tasting will be broadcast live on this page and on our Facebook page, so everyone can join in. Friday, 26 maj 2022 at 20.00-22.00.
Along the way, you can ask questions or comment on the tasting. It happens live via Facebook.

We will release a new whisky - Distillery Edition - Cask 192 after the tasting.

You will also be able to buy other recent bottlings on our webshop.

Yes, you can see the tasting here and on our Facebook page afterwards.

The tasting is broadcasted live right here at this page and can be viewed without a Facebook account. However, if you want to comment and ask questions, you will need to be logged into Facebook.

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