Cask share – Imperial on bourbon cask

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Become a co-owner of a Thy Whisky cask and create your own organic Danish single malt whisky. Join us as we fill the cask, follow the development, and enjoy the result of your own bottles of Thy Whisky when we tap the cask after 5 years of aging.

Choose between whisky made from the two old Danish heritage barley varieties we have harvested in 2022: Imperial or Langelandsbyg. Join us to fill the casks at Cask Owner Event at Gyrup in Thy on 15 January 2023.

Share: 6 liters per share
Estimated age: 5 years
Filling: January 15, 2023
Expected bottling: 2028
Grain: Imperial heritage barley
Malt: Imperial heritage barley malt
Cask: Bourbon
Cask size: 120 liters

For første gang nogensinde tilbyder vi et tørverøget fad til fadandele. Udforsk den danske tørv sammen med os, mens vi lagrer disse bourbonfade i 5-6 år.

Denne andel er for jer, der elsker den tørverøgetde Islay-stil af whisky. Du kan til sidst forvente minimum 8 flasker pr. andel.

Vi forventer en glat, sød og aromatisk whisky med noter af vanilje, honning, toffee, bagekrydderier og en blød, jordagtig tørverøget karakter.

Revived Danish heritage barley
Together with skilled breeders, we have brought the Danish heritage barley variety Imperial back to life after 100 years of hibernation in the Nordic gene bank. The variety tastes fantastic and gives a very oily distillate full of flavourful esters to our whisky. The 2022 harvest of Imperial has produced a fruity and slightly tart distillate with notes of orange-citrus, 'earthy' unripe pear, dusty grain and malt sweetness.
Maturing on bourbon casks

The Imperial barley is filled into a couple of 120 litres 'first fill' bourbon casks. Over 5 years, we expect the casks to give lots of vanilla and light honey sweetness balanced by some tannins from the oak. The sweetness of the casks and the complexity of the distillate we expect will produce a partly classic bourbon cask aged whisky, but with a very characterful touch from the Imperial barley.

Her er alle detaljerne om denne fadandel

Filling: January 15, 2023
2nd year: January 12, 2025
4th year: January 10, 2027
5th year: January 9, 2028
Grain: Imperial heritage barley
Harvest: 2022
Grown: Hundborg, Thy
Malt and smoke
100 %: Imperial heritage barley malt
Smoke intensity: None
Distillation unit: Müller 1000 liters at Thy Whisky
Method: Single run distillation
Water and fermentation
Water: Groundwater from Gyrup
Yeast: M1 Distillers Yeast
Fermentation time: Min. 100 hours
Type: Bourbon
Fill: 1st
Volume: 120 liters
Origin: TBA
6 litres per share

When the cask is ready, it is bottled. You will then receive your share of the bottles. You can either collect the bottles yourself or we can send them to you.

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