Thy Whisky Distillery is located of at our family estate Gyrup, neighbouring the dunes and plantations of the National Park and the windy Northsea coastline.
While the whisky production was founded in 2010, Gyrup is a place of tradition with a history going back to at least the year 1335. Along with the whisky distillery and craft malthouse it is still a thriving organic dairy farm, farming 450 hectars of land.
Thy Whisky was founded on the basic idea of making a whisky with the distinct terroir of the Thy region made from Nordic heritage barley varieties brought back to life.
There are many whiskies in this world, but in the name of cost-efficiency, very few have held on to their own maltings and local sourcing of grains, that made the terroir, that they were once founded on.
Today the 8th generation in the family have taken over, shaping the future of Gyrup and of Thy Whisky, as the first organic single estate distillery that we know of.

"Thy Whisky is bound to this place, so you really need to feel the grain and the soil with every sip"

- Jakob Stjernholm, 8th generation
Today, we use both heritage and modern varieties of barley, rye, spelt i.e. grown from our own fields to shape our whiskies and spirits – malted, mashed and distilled at the Estate. The whisky is aged in bourbon, sherry and new oak casks. Aiming for quality, not conformity we bottle our whiskies as limited editions only.

Medals and recognitions:

- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015, Silver (Thy Whisky No. 1)
- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017, Silver (Thy Whisky No. 6), Silver (Thy Whisky No. 7)
- Jim Murray's Whiskybible, 2017, rating 93.5 (Thy Whisky No. 3)
- Jim Murray's Whiskybible, 2018, rating 90.5 (Thy Whisky No. 6)
- International Wine and Spirits Competition 2018, Silver (Thy Whisky No. 7), Silver (Thy Whisky No. 8)
- San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019, Silver (Thy Whisky No. 8), Silver (Thy Spelt-Rye)
- Jim Murray's Whiskybible 2020, rating 93.5 (Thy Whisky No. 8)
- Jim Murray's Whiskybible 2020, rating 96.5, Gold Liquid Award - Best European Whisky Of The Year (Thy Whisky No. 9)
- International Wine and Spirits Competition 2021, Bronze (Thy Whisky No. 13)
- Whisky & Rom, "Best whisky" test winner No. 13 - Stovt, feb 2021, rating 96

The press wrote:

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